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Amphilectus fucorum

Amphilectus fucorum


   Amphilectus fucorum is an encrusting sponge covering surfaces of several square centimeters. In areas protected from water stream, long typical filaments of 10 cm long and 3 mm in diameter develop from the basal crust. It is elastic to the touch. The rough orange surface is covered with small pores and the oscules are disseminated all over the sponge. It is attached to rocks, generally to overhangs.
It is found from surface to several meters deep. It is a common species of the North-eastern Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the English Channel.


 (source: European Register of Marine Species)

  • Porifera [Phylum]
  • Demospongiae [Class]
  • Poecilosclerida [Order]
  • Mycalina [Suborder]
  • Esperiopsidae [Family]
  • Amphilectus fucorum (Esper, 1794)

Page glossary

Oscule : Opening generally quite visible, through which sponges expel water they have filtered to extract food particles.


Top photograph :
© Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat. Published with author's kind permission : 
Amphilectus fucorum, Baie de Concarneau, South-Brittany, West of France. Depth 10 meters.
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Translation :  Anne Bay-Nouailhat © 2007-2020.

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