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We wish to thank the following scientists for their kind and constructive comments. Netherteless, we assume the entire responsability of the information contained in European Marine Life website.

Annie Castric (Tunicata), Christian Emig (Phoronida), Arjan Gittenberger (Tunicata), Pierre Noël (Crustacea), Bernard Picton (Porifera), Karen Sanamyan (Tunicata), Frans Slieker (Polyplacophora), Javier Turon (Tunicata), Jean Vacelet (Porifera), Elsa Vázquez (Tunicata), Steven Weinberg (Cnidaria).

Who we are

The website European Marine Life is created, written and illustrated by a group of men and women sharing the same passion for marine life.

Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat Webmaster, Editor, Photographer.
Anne Bay-Nouailhat Webmaster, Editor.
Caroline Lepage Editor. Read the introducing page on Caroline Lepage
Javier Santiago Photographer. View his publications: Tiempodefondo.
William Desmartin Photographer.
Maurice Loir PhD in Sciences, Photographer. Visit his website about diatoms.
Frédéric Guimard National Instructor in subaquatic biology, photographer.
Jean-Michel Crouzet Photographer.
Jean-Claude Julien Editor. Visit his website: Les alguistes du Castelli.
Christophe Moreau Photographer.
Anne Frijsinger Photographer. Visit her website Natuurlijk mooi.
Mat Vestjens Photographer. Visit his website Natuurlijk mooi.

We would also like to thank the following for their help:

Yves Gladu Photographer. Visit his website: Océanic Pictures.
Emmanuel Saron Photographer. Visit his website on scuba-diving.
Pascale Sentenac Photographer.
J.M. Aldrey Photographer.
Jean Vacelet For his pictures illustrating the topic on sponges.
Miranda et Jan van der Knaap Photographers.
John de Jong Photographer. Visit his underwater pictures website.
Ed Troost Photographer.
Tim Gavrilin Photographer. Visit his underwater pictures website.
Sophie Mercier Photographer.
Graham Owens Photographer.
A.F. Julien Photographer.
Roberto Pillon Fish identification.


General terms of use of the website European Marine Life

This document was first published 20 July 2004.
This document was last updated 10 March 2006.

The website called "European Marine Life" is property of the Association Mer et Littoral whose registered adress is at Mer et Littoral, 57 hameau de Cadol, 29140 Melgven, France. This website is accessible through the following adresses: http://www.european-marine-life.org and http://www.mer-littoral.org.
This page presents the general conditions of use of this website and of its contents.

By visiting this website, you agree with no limitations to the terms and conditions defined in the following articles. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use this website.

1. Publishing management:
The publishing manager of this website is Mr Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat, President of the Association Mer et Littoral.

2. Use and protection of the materials contained in this website:
Informations, texts, photographs, images, designs, movies, files, programmation codes, and at a larger extent the whole content of this website is referred to as "materials".
2.1 Using this website:
The materials published on this website are published in a non-profit making way. These materials are only accessible for private or public use. This access must remain un-restricted and free, it must not be subject to special fees.
2.2. Intellectual Property Rights:
All materials in this website are property of their authors or their respective eligible parties according to the article L.111-1 of the Intellectual Property Code.
Thus, copy or reproduction without the author's authorisation is strictly forbidden.
2.3. Copyright and authors' protection:
The website European Marine Life and its content referred to as "materials" is protected by a registration of copyright applied to a "huissier de justice". logo copyrightfrance.com

3. Website contents and disclaimers:
We regularly update and check the accuracy of the information provided in our website. Nethertheless, some may be erroneous or incomplete. For these reasons, the information provided in this website must not be used for a scientific purpose.
No legal proceedings should be taken against the Association, its members or its president for missing or erroneous information, you should check the information wih other sources.

4. Links:
Our website may contain links to third party websites. We are in no way responsible for their contents.

Thank you and have a nice visit of the European Marine Life website.

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