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Polymastia gleneni

Polymastia gleneni

Pink tit-sponge

   Polymastia gleneni is a sponge with a cushion-shaped base covered with short rounded nipples and reaching 10 to 50 cm in diameter. Its colour varies from pink to purplish pink, nipples being paler. Pink tit-sponges are attached to rocks, they are often covered with sand and only the outgrowths emerge from it.
It is recorded in the North-Western part of the English Channel and in the Atlantic. Its known distribution goes from the Iles Glénan (South-Brittany, West of France) to Roscoff (English Channel). A close species (perhaps a similar one) is recorded in the Mediterranean Sea: Aaptos papillata.

Close species :

 Aaptos papillata is a species similar to Polymastia gleneni. If these two sponges prove to be just one single species, the name of the species "papillata", which was first given, would have priority.



  • Porifera [Phylum]
  • Demospongiae [Class]
  • Hadromerida [Order]
  • Polymastiidae [Family]
  • Polymastia gleneni

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Top photograph :
© Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat. Published with author's kind permission : 
Polymastia gleneni, Iles Glénan, South-Brittany, West of France. Depth 16 meters.
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